GENESIF was built to standardize and enhance the production and consumption of investment research all the way from financial institutions to retail traders.

Almost all investment research are done with different charts, using different terminologies, in different formats leading to unclear interpretations. Even Google has difficulties filtering and sorting investment related searches. The problem lies in the fact that every profession has their own tools for their craft, except one. Designers use photoshop, videographers use premiere pro, engineers use AutoCAD. However, Investment Analysts and Traders are still typing, cutting and pasting pictures to create their reports and share their ideas. This is where GENESIF comes in, going to the roots of the problem and finally bringing structure to the world of investment discussions and research.

The entire financial industry will benefit greatly with the increased clarity behind investment discussions and reports.

Institutions such as portfolio managers, treasury departments and traders will benefit from having a more structured approach to using and discussing their research internally and externally.

Brokers will be able to provide a world class platform for their analysts to produce research on for the different tiers of clients they have.

Research Houses will be able to better service their clients with a full-fledged secure yet scalable investment discussion terminal.

Investment discussion communities will finally have a proper platform to use to discuss investments and research in a structured manner, leading to better coverage, exposure and interest in the world of investments.

Meet the Team behind GENESIF

Desmond runs both the award winning research firm Everest Fortune Group - and the certified Singapore Fintech Firm - GENESIF. Through his deep insights advising the world's largest banks, brokers, treasury departments and retail traders, he has built GENESIF to solve one of the world's biggest problems: unstructured investment research.

Desmond Leong


With more than a decade of experience across a broad spectrum of information systems, Andrew oversees the legal , operational and administrative functions in both GENESIF and Everest Fortune Group.

Andrew Leong, COO


Rob heads the technology/applications/systems development and cloud computing infrastructure at GENESIF. He previously held chief architect and development roles where he was instrumental in implementation of custom open-source systems along with off-the-shelf and enterprise technology solutions comprising of IBM, Oracle and several other enterprise products.

Rob G.


Isaac holds both the Chartered Market Technical (CMT) and Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) titles along with being the Singapore Chair for the CMT Association. He is deeply involved in improving the charting experience at GENESIF and runs the technical analysis division over at Everest Fortune Group.

isaac Lim, CMT


Ella holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title and has a Masters in Wealth Management (MSWM) from Singapore Management University (SMU). She consistently contributes to improving the financial models at GENESIF and heads the fundamental analysis at Everest Fortune Group. She has the experience of working at Credit Suisse, Citicorp Investment Bank, Hang Seng Bank and Siddhartha Asset Management.

Ella Lan, CFA

Chief Market Strategist

Li Xing holds a bachelors in economics from the prestigious Singapore Management University (SMU). She is deeply involved in analysing and improving the charting experience implemented in GENESIF. She also handles the Eurozone markets over at Everest Fortune Group.

Li Xing Gan

Senior Market Technician